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exploring form, flow, & the anima mundi. 


let me help turn your big vision into images.

Do you want to work with me or have a collaboration idea that you want to chat about? Feel free to get in touch with me via email.

I’m looking forward to getting to know more about you and the next evolution of your life’s work.

i see creativity as the art of relating.

Creativity is the infinite landscape where beauty meets function, strategy meet intuition, dark matter meets color, innovation meets communion, chaos meets order, collective unconscious meets awakening. I see creativity as the art of relating, a two-step between polarities, and the birth of a transcendent cognizance. It moves me, stretches me, and teaches me to be a forever student. I make art, write poetry, sculpt visual landscapes from the personal and collective pursuit of building symbiotic relationships, within ourselves, with each other, and within the greater macrobiome.

i connect the dots to help you make waves.

My resource is the prima materia and 
my musical notes are the visible spectrum. In my creative process, I weave together depth psychology, mythology, spirituality, and embodied feminine wisdom with my design eye. As a dream catcher and multidimensional story-teller, my work is to visually synchronize your big vision and give it harmonious resonance.

Art comes through me like a slow simmer on the stove top. I honor it as an alchemical process from calcination to coagulation. I stay with it through its iterations, the ups and downs of the unpaved road, until it feels complete, until it has transformed from the ashes of what was to the crystallization of a more integrated identity.

my current offerings.

1 / logo design

1 x primary logo that communicates your brand's quintessence (Quinta Essentia)

1 x secondary logo mark that complements & simplifies your primary logo

opt. 1 to 2 small graphic elements that work with brand identity

the full logo pack will include all  files for print & digital use (PNG & SVG format), in B & W,
and in chosen color palette

2 / custom illustration

1 x custom illustration

the final illustration files will be in high resolution JPG & PNG formats, in B & W, and in chosen color palette

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